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Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, Jesse K. Sanchez, has years of experience defending crimes of domestic violence, all felonies and misdemeanors. From domestic battery and invasion of privacy to strangulation, confinement and intimidation. Can the State prove their case? What are your defenses? What if the alleged victim does not want to proceed with the case? Get some answers: Call Jesse K. Sanchez for a free consultation.

My name is Jesse K. Sanchez. I am an experienced Indiana criminal defense attorney. As a top rated defense attorney, I am proud to be an advisor, and a zealous protector for my clients Constitutional rights. No matter the circumstances, everyone has a right to a competent, passionate and empathetic defense lawyer. We offer free legal consultations.
I am also a husband and a proud father of two sons.

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A Lawyer

I have been practicing law as an Indiana trial lawyer since May of 2007. I’ve worked in both criminal defense and civil litigation. As a criminal defense attorney, I have represented clients at all phases of the criminal complaint process. In the process of defending my clients, I represent my clients at:

  • The initial hearing
  • Bond review
  • Suppression
  • Jury trial

I have succeeded in resolving hundreds of criminal cases before Indiana trial courts.

As civil lawyer, I have represented clients in:

  • Contract disputes
  • Tort claims
  • Employment-related matters

Many of my civil cases were settled in binding arbitration or mediation. The end result was an affordable, equitable solution for my clients.

A Skilled Indiana Legal Advisor

The heart of excellent legal representation is empowerment. A great criminal lawyer empowers his clients to make intelligent decisions by communicating and explaining the significance of law and evidence. After communicating the relevant information to his client, the good lawyer will then advise his client on the best course of action to protect the clients best interest. 

My Philosophy as an Indiana Criminal Legal Representative

My philosophy in representation is to be a good lawyer. It all starts by taking the time to listen to what my client really needs. Attorneys sometimes fail to realize that their clients are often the best resource for information and perspective on a case. For that reason, I endeavor to work with my client to resolve their legal issue. That means communication and real discussion. That means keeping my client well-informed so they can be in control of their case.

The Type of Criminal Defenses We Provide

As a criminal defense lawyer, my firm routinely, proudly and zealously represents our clients in the following types of cases as a:

  • Sex Crimes Defense Attorney
  • DUI Defense Attorney
  • Post Conviction Relief Attorney
  • Sentence Modifications Attorney
  • Drug Defense Attorney
  • Marijuana Defense Attorney
  • Major Felony Attorney
  • Firearms Attorney
  • Indiana Expungement Attorney
  • Probation Violation Attorney

Though not inclusive, we proudly represent our client’s Constitutional right to have the best criminal defense attorney available to represent and defend their rights. Our client has a right to be treated as innocent until they are proven guilty by a jury of their peers.

Your Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney

I’ve known a lot of great Indiana attorneys. The best  lawyers are those who take it to heart. A great attorney cares about the outcome because they care about the people involved. That’s not a skill set you learn in law school. No one can teach you this. You either care about your client’s situation or you don’t.

My clients are important to me because I choose to practice law in the state of Indiana in a way that makes them important to me. I choose to be the kind of attorney that I would want to have if I were in trouble. I’ll let my solemn oath and the Golden Rule be my guide in this area. That means looking out for your best interests, protecting your life, liberty and property, and defending your rights.

If you need an Indiana criminal defense attorney as a protector and defense lawyer. If you need a champion for your cause, one that will passionately defend your rights, then give me a call. or put your information in the contact section below.

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At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez you will get an attorney who will make your battle his own and who will strive to understand your goals in representation.