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Meet your Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, Jesse K. Sanchez. I am ready to serve your need, zealously, no matter what trouble you’re facing. If you’ve been charged with a gun crime, a drug charge, a sex crime, domestic violence charge, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a or major felony, you should contact me immediately.

My Practice

Defending Domestic Violence Charges

Experience Defending Indiana residents charged with domestic violence charges.

Defending Gun Charges

I’ve defended numerous cases involving illegal possession of firearms and they are some of my favorite cases to defend.

Defending Drug Charges

If I could do only one kind of criminal case, it would be cases involving guns and drugs.  That’s because these cases are never simple.

Defending Sex Crimes

Defending a sex crime such as rape or sexual battery requires a trusting relationship between the attorney and client. You need a sex crimes defense lawyer that you can trust.

Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated

There are few criminal offenses as complex as operating a vehicle while intoxicated (“OWI,” sometimes called a “DUI”). If you have been charged with OWI/DUI, you need criminal defense lawyer you can trust.

Defending Child Battery and Neglect Charges

If you need defense from charges of child battery or neglect, you need to find a criminal defense lawyer that you can trust.

Defending Major Felonies

Burglary. Robbery, Murder/Attempted Murder Voluntary/Involuntary Manslaughter Aggravated Battery. HTV. Escape. Kidnapping.
If you have been charged with a major felony anywhere in the State of Indiana, please don’t hesitate to contact me for help.


If you’ve been convicted of a crime, your have the right to appeal your conviction directly to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The deadlines to file are short and strictly enforced. To discuss your options in appeal, contact me today.

Post-Conviction Relief

Under Indiana’s Post-Conviction Relief statute, any person may, at any time, commence an action for post-conviction relief if that person has been convicted or sentenced for a crime in the State of Indiana.


If you need help with expungements, do not hesitate to call my office today.

Sentence Modifications

If you need help with sentence modifications, do not hesitate to call my office today.


At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez you will get an attorney who will make your battle his own and who will strive to understand your goals in representation. It is a deeply personal thing, defending someone from a crime or even a civil accusation. At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez, we will walk the road together to do what’s right for you. It’s just that simple.

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