Indiana has a special law that allows individuals to remove a negative criminal history from their background. That process is called a criminal record expungement. If you need a lawyer to help remove a bad criminal history, call an affordable criminal lawyer, Jesse K. Sanchez at 317-721-9858! He is here to help!


What is an Expungement?

A criminal record expungement is defined as the ability to “seal,” or otherwise hide or destroy court records of certain types of convictions. One of the benefits of having your criminal record expunged is that the arrest or the subsequent conviction or plea is not required to be legally disclosed.

What are Expungement Limitations?

While if you have your criminal record expunged in Indiana, you may truthfully testify under oath that you have never been convicted of a crime when your record has in fact been expunged, there still is evidence of your past criminal transgression, and the prosecution and may use that criminal history against you in certain specific circumstances allowed by state law.

Get Your Criminal Record Expunged Today!

Do you need a criminal expungement? Give our expungement attorney a call at 317-721-9858. In some instances, an expungement can be an easy proposition, but still complicated and have complexities that are best handled with legal counsel, like us! Call today to speak with an expert.


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