Carmel, Indiana criminal defense attorney are never intimidated and don’t make promises we can’t keep. We take an aggressive approach to every case and are committed to listening to each client in our care. When we are handling your case, you will have our complete attention. We’ll work hard to tell your story so that a criminal incident in Carmel, Indiana doesn’t hurt your the rest of your life. A criminal offense that puts you in front of Hamilton County Superior Court, shouldn’t and doesn’t define who you are as a person. You need to hire a Carmel, Indiana criminal defense lawyer. Call our office at 317-721-9858 today.

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What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense lawyer is an attorney that is a specializes in the defense of individuals and/or companies charged with some sort of criminal activity or criminal act. Carmel Criminal Defense Lawyer Jesse K. Sanchez represents our clients on some of the following criminal cases:

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No matter the allegations made against you or the legal issues involved, don’t take unnecessary risks with your future. Before speaking with the police, discuss your situation personally with our criminal lawyers in Carmel. We will explain what you’re dealing with, your rights according to the law, your available options, and how to protect yourself. Leverage our skill and experience as a Carmel criminal defense attorney to bear for you.

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