Probation is a punishment that is given as part of a sentence of a criminal conviction. Exactly what is probation? Essentially, probation means that instead of jailing a person convicted of a crime, the court will order that the individual convicted reports to a probation officer according to a regularly set schedule.

What Happens During Probation?

During probation, the individual convicted is required to follow a number of set conditions to follow, that have been ordered by the court. Often the conditions of probation include:

  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Attendance to drug and alcohol meetings
  • Travel restrictions
  • Curfew
  • Attendance to mental health/therapist appointments


What are the Types of Probation?

Probation comes in many different forms. It, probation, comes in five different types. There five different types of probation which include:

  • Informal
  • Unsupervised
  • Supervised
  • Community Control/Community Corrections (also known as house arrest or GPS monitoring)
  • Shock probation

Probation Violations

Because probation is such a restrictive act, there are times when the convicted will not successfully complete probation. So, what happens if you violate probation? If you violate probation, the judge will often issue a number of sanctions. Some of the sanctions for violating probation include the following:

  • Increased time on probation
  • Jail time
  • Increased community service requirements
  • Additional drug and alcohol testing
  • Execution of sentence ( The convicted individual is sentenced to their entire sentence. This can happen at any time an individual violates probation. Executing the prison or jail sentence is a very real threat if a convicted individual violates probation AT ANY TIME.)

If You are Placed on Probation

Receiving probation is considered as a form of leniency, as technically, the court could deny the probation recommendation or plea agreement made between the criminal defense attorney and the prosecutor. If you have been placed on probation, and unfortunately violate probation, you need a probation violation attorney. Call an expert top-rated probation violation lawyer at 317-721-9858 for assistance as soon as possible. A probation violation is a very serious matter, and you need to act quickly. Call now.