If you are on probation, you will work closely with a probation officer. As a probation violation attorney, we have a wealth of experience in negotiating favorable outcomes to violation of probation in Indiana. The duty of a probation officer  is to provide responsible supervision to assigned clients in order to ensure compliance with court-ordered conditions. A probation officer is a person who supervises people who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation in lieu of or in addition to imprisonment. A probation officer often assists offenders with finding social services and seeking employment. But, a probation officer is also responsible for reporting probation violations to the court and may testify against an offender. Some of the duties of a Probation Officer includes:

  • Supervises clients to monitor compliance with the orders of the Courts
  • Refers clients to appropriate community resource agencies in an effort to effectuate their rehabilitation
  • Ensures that all fees are paid on a timely basis
  • Maintains accurate chronological records on all client activity
  • Assists the Courts in revocation hearings as necessary
  • Prepares monthly statistical reports
  • Notifies the Court immediately, through proper channels, of any violation of probation
  • Implements Evidence-Based Practices such as Motivational Interviewing in caseload management
  • Ensures compliance with all Community Justice Assistance Division Standards
  • Makes outside, face-to-face and collateral contact with clients as required
  • Observes the collection of urine samples for drug screening on clients on probation to assure that no foreign substance is introduced into the sample as needed
  • Contributes to and helps create a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a cooperative and amicable manner with supervisors, coworkers, subordinates and members of the public
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Issues with Probation? Call Indiana Probation Violation Lawyer.

Ideally, when probation is sentenced by the court, the offender successfully completes probation without any issue. However, issues happen and probation gets violated. If and when a probation violation occurs, call a top rated Indiana probation violation law firm at 317-721-9858 for assistance as soon as possible.