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An Additional Sentence for Child Molestation

An Indiana man already serving time at the Indiana Department of Corrections has been sentenced to an additional 20 years following child molesting charges.

According to the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s office, 27-year-old Christian D.L. Chase is currently serving seven years for battery against a child and pregnant woman and has confessed to molesting a 5-year-old child.

The investigation into the child molestation and Chase’s subsequent confession began at the August 2019 sentencing hearing, when the mother of the victim told the Indiana State Police her child disclosed to her he had been forced to perform sexual acts on Chase.

The child victim was interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center in Madison and he again disclosed that he had been forced to perform oral sex on Chase while he was staying at the residence of Christian and Katie Chase.  Other family members also confirmed the child had periodically stayed with the Chase’s while his caregiver and grandfather was at work.

On November 14, 2019, Detectives Nate Adams and Andrew Mitchell of the Indiana State Police interviewed Christian Chase about these allegations at the Indiana Department of Correction. Chase admitted that when he was babysitting the child victim, he did make the child perform the sex act and further admitted that he knew this was wrong.

“The State Police did a great job in leading this investigation to its conclusion. I also want to thank the Child Advocacy Center for their excellent work in these often-difficult cases,” said Sutter.

Chase pleaded guilty to a Level 1 Felony and was sentenced on May 8 to an additional 20 years that are to be served consecutively with his current sentence. Chase will not receive any credit for time served or earned pursuant to his plea agreement.

In addition, Chase will have to register as a sex offender.

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