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Criminal Defense / 7.14.2020

How to Choose an Attorney for Felonies

There are many types of attorneys who deal with certain types of criminal and civil cases. One of such attorneys is a felony attorney. An attorney for felonies specializes in dealing with cases of felony charges and consequences. If you need a lawyer for your felony charges, call us as soon as possible at (317) 721-9858!

How to Choose an Attorney for Felonies

What is a Felony

Felony charges are reserved for the most serious types of crimes, including kidnapping, murder, and arson. Felonies are divided into classes from most to least serious. If you are arrested for a felony offense, a conviction stemming from that crime can mean as little as thousands of dollars in fines, up to an including the death penalty, depending on which class your charge is categorized under. Felony bail can be expensive, and is often from 2 to 10 times the amount of the bail levied for a misdemeanor charge.

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What is a Felony Attorney

Felony attorneys are legal representatives with a strong working knowledge and understanding of felony laws. The responsibility of an attorney for felonies is to diligently work to free their clients from the felony charges of the crime they have been accused of committing. The main goal of an attorney for felonies is to try to reduce the legal consequences of the felonies. This means that if you have been charged with a felony offense, it is important for you to get the best levels of protection and legal representation as soon as possible. You need to hire a top notch criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis, Jesse K. Sanchez. It is highly important that you hire an attorney that has the experience in defending clients against felony charges. Being convicted of a felony can and will have the tendency to affect your quality of life dramatically.

How to Choose an Attorney for Felonies

Where to Find an Attorney for Felonies

Finding the best felony attorney for your individual situation can be difficult if the right criteria is not used. Like with any type of criminal attorney you should be able to ask the following questions of a prospective felony attorney:

  • How long have you practiced criminal law?
  • How many felonies have you defended against?
  • Will you be handling my case or will I be passed to a junior associate?
  • How much is this criminal defense going to cost?
  • How often will we communicate regarding my case?
  • Do you have a specialized area of criminal law where you most commonly work?
  • Why should I choose you and your firm as my felony defense attorney?

Call Attorney for Felonies Jesse K. Sanchez

As a dedicated and passionate criminal defense lawyer in Marion county, attorney Jesse K. Sanchez clearly understands the importance and the severity of the felony criminal charges you may be facing. Call our office at (317) 721-9858 for help with defending against your felony arrest charges right away!

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