While all criminal and civil trials, in the beginning, are tried at the trial court level there is generally always a winning and a losing individual. When a participant loses, they can appeal their case in a higher court. This specific higher court is called the appellate court. An attorney that focuses their practice on cases before state and federal appellate courts is called an appellate lawyer. The Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez is an Indiana appellate law firm. If you are in the need of an appellate law firm, give us a call at 317-721-9858.

What is an Appellate Attorney?

Appellate attorneys work to correct the errors of trial court judges and also work to change the law by making a strong argument to the judges in appellate courts so that they may overturn the decisions of lower courts or to expand or change the interpretation of the laws of the land.

What Should You Expect from Your Appellate Lawyer?

  • When you consult with your appellate lawyer, there are certain things that you should always look for when you hire a top appellate law firm. Here are a few things that you should expect after you meet with your lawyer for the first time.
  • They will review every one of the previous motions filed in your original case by your lawyers and will work diligently to identify the best and most critical issues that need to be defended.
  • Your lawyer will review the entire transcript of your original trial. Their aim is to find any potential errors or blatant mistakes.
  • Communicate with your lawyers that initially tried your case to ensure that they have a firm understanding of all the facts pertinent to your individual court case.
  • Create a memo that outlines the issues that are crucial to your case and meet with your lawyers and you to discover any potential areas of
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the issues that arose in trial court by conducting complete and thorough research.
  • Write a new brief for your appeal. This is the part of the legal process that takes the longest.
  • Your appellate lawyer will review the new legal brief with you and the counsel from the trial and interject comments and opinions that might be useful for your future case.
  • Your lawyer will rewrite the draft if necessary and present it to you again for review.
  • Expect for your lawyer to attend court with you present the newer, stronger oral argument that they’ve been able to assemble on your behalf.
  • Work through any of the details of your case that may occur after the court decides.

An Indiana Appellate Law Firm

The belief that you received the wrong verdict in your trial is nothing that you should make you feel easy. When you are looking for an appellate lawyer that is skilled in handling your appeal, give The Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez a call today. We are here and ready to help. Call 317-721-9858 for now.