There are times when individuals need the services of a sexual battery attorney. There’s a reason why, In Indiana, a person commits the act of sexual battery when a victim is touched or fondled in order to arouse or satisfy the defendant (or some other person’s) sexual desires:

  • By force or threat of force
  • When the victim is unable to consent due to a mental disability.Sexual battery attorney

A person can also commit sexual battery by touching the victim sexually when the victim is unaware that the touching has occurred.

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Examples of Sexual Battery

Generally, the act of sexual battery has occurred when sexually motivated fondling has occurred. Examples of sexual battery include:

  • Patting or grabbing a person’s buttocks
  • Grabbing a woman’s breast
  • Fondling a woman’s breast
  • Touching a victim’s genital area

According to Ind. Code Ann. § 35-42-4-8, sexual battery is a crime involving improper sexual touching and not one involving penetration.

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Criminal Sexual Battery in Indiana

Criminal sexual conduct that involves physical force may also result in regular battery charges. Being convicted of a sex crime in Indiana comes with a number of life changing circumstances. If you are convicted, you can expect:

  • Lifetime registration as a sexual offender
  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Court fines and costs
  • Restitution

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