Post Conviction Relief is a term that may refer to a law or court rule that allows a collateral challenge to a judgment of conviction which has otherwise become final in the normal appellate review process. Indiana Post-Conviction Relief Lawyer, Jesse K.Sanchez can be reached at 317-721-9858.

What is Post Conviction Relief?

The petition for Post-Conviction Relief is an application to the court, filed by or on behalf of a person convicted of and sentenced for the commission of a criminal offense. The PCR seeks to have the conviction or sentence set aside or an appeal granted on the ground or grounds that the conviction or the sentence or the denial of an appeal violated the state or federal constitution. A pro se petition is one filed by a petitioner without the benefit of counsel.

Who is Eligible for Post Conviction Relief

According to the Indiana Rules of Post-Conviction Remedies, the following individuals are eligible for post conviction relief:

Any person who has been convicted of, or sentenced for, a crime by a court of this state, and who claims:

(1) that the conviction or the sentence was in violation of the Constitution of the United States or the constitution or laws of this state;

(2) that the court was without jurisdiction to impose sentence;

(3) that the sentence exceeds the maximum authorized by law, or is otherwise erroneous;

(4) that there exists evidence of material facts, not previously presented and heard, that requires vacation of the conviction or sentence in the interest of justice;

(5) that his sentence has expired, his probation, parole or conditional release unlawfully revoked, or he is otherwise unlawfully held in custody or other restraint;

(6) that the conviction or sentence is otherwise subject to collateral attack upon any ground of alleged error heretofore available under any common law, statutory or other writ, motion, petition, proceeding, or remedy;

may institute at any time a proceeding under this Rule to secure relief.

Post Conviction Relief in Indiana

The Post Conviction Relief is your chance at achieving justice. Give our office a call at 317-721-9858, we are an Indiana criminal attorney that actively manages Post Conviction Relief Petitions.