If you made a mistake in your past that resulted in a criminal conviction, charge, or arrest, you might be wondering – what can I do about it? Can I make it go away? Can I get it eliminated from my criminal history? Even if I can, is it worth it? The good news is that there is a legal process referred to as “criminal record expungement“, and yes, it is worth it. You can move on with your life by clearing your slate with a criminal record expungement.

We’re going to take a look at the basics of an expungement and how the process can change your life.

Criminal Record Expungement – What Is It?

You can petition a court to get your criminal record sealed through a legal process referred to as an expungement. For example, during a criminal background check, charges and arrests that show up on your record may disqualify you from certain opportunities like school, jobs, housing, etc. A criminal record expungement will help protect your privacy and give you a better shot at similar opportunities in the future.

Especially if a mistake resulting in a criminal conviction or arrest was made long ago, there’s every chance you’re someone else now. The past shouldn’t have devastating effects on your future. Invest in your future with an expungement. Let’s talk about the benefits of expungement.

Rejoin Your Community

A clean criminal history is required by certain community positions/organizations (think Little League, Boy Scouts, etc.). You can get back to helping your community because more opportunities will open up for you after a successful expungement.

Insurance Premiums May Be Lowered

Insurance premiums may rise from specific types of convictions, such as Driving while Intoxicated. Your premiums could be lowered if you get those previous criminal convictions expunged. You could also be eligible for other licenses, such as a CDL.

Be Eligible for Public Assistance

Some public assistance programs (i.e., TANF or SNAP) will not allow individuals to apply if they have specific convictions. A successful expungement could reopen one’s ability to access these public assistance programs.

Expanding/Starting a Family

Are you considering adoption or foster parenting? Certain criminal convictions on your record may present a barrier to accessing the ability to adopt or foster. Get those records expunged today.

Housing Options Open

Sometimes, before signing a rental agreement, a background check will be performed on the individual applying for the rental and certain criminal convictions can be used by a potential landlord to deny you housing. Get your record expunged so you and your family can have a better shot at accessing rental housing again.

Dispel Criminal Record Stigmas

Remove the stigma and weight of your record by expunging it. If you successfully get your criminal record expunged, others will not know about that history unless you tell them about it.

Better Opportunities for Education

Give yourself equal footing against other candidates who are vying for the same education by having your record expunged.

Better Job Opportunities

Getting a new job is difficult enough without having to worry about putting the details of your criminal record on an application. You won’t have to disclose past incidents once your record is legally sealed by a successful criminal record expungement.

Protect your privacy. Any past mistakes you made and served a punishment for is nobody’s business but yours.

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