If you have been arrested for suspicion of a DUI you have a difficult road ahead. In such a time, it’s always best to have the best legal representation available. You need a DUI Attorney. But where do you begin to hire a DUI attorney to defend you?


Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Here are a few steps you can take to hire a DUI lawyer to make certain that you are you have the best representation possible for your case.

Getting a recommendation is nearly always the best way to start your search for a DUI lawyer. When you are looking to hire an attorney, always ask people such as:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers

It’s a great idea to ask them if they can recommend a lawyer who has experience with successfully defending DUI criminal cases.


Request an Initial Consultation

Before you want to hire an attorney, need to know that you’ll feel comfortable working with the lawyer. Never hire an attorney just based on a conversation over the phone. It’s always best to meet the person who is going to be your lawyer first. There are a number of lawyers, like Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Jesse K. Sanchez, who offer a free initial consultation to discuss your DUI case before you hire a DUI attorney. During your free initial consultation, make it a point to ask how much of their practice is dedicated to practicing DUI criminal cases or if they practice in any related specialties, such as acting as a drug crime defense attorney.

A DUI Lawyer Can’t Provide a Guarantee

Without question it is unethical for your attorney to promise a favorable outcome for your case, your lawyer may be able to tell you how many DUI cases they’ve taken in the past and what their success rate has been. Find out how much they know about breathalyzer and urine tests to determine blood alcohol levels. If they do not have experience in this area, you may want to look for another attorney to help with your case.

Compare Results

When you are hiring an attorney, you need to consider certain factors. Factors in hiring an attorney should include:

  • Your comfort with the lawyer
  • Level of experience handling DUI cases
  • Success rate in defending DUI cases
  • How much of their practice is dedicated to defending against a DUI arrest

Although your family and friends’ recommendations could influence your decision, keep in mind, it’s your decision, and you should choose the DUI attorney with whom you feel the most comfortable.

Hire a DUI Attorney for Your Case

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