If you’re still dealing with the many consequences of a past DUI, you may be wondering, how do I get a DUI removed from my record? Driving under the influence is a serious crime. A drunk driver or a drunk bicyclist endangers other peoples’ lives as well as his own. Drinking alcohol impairs a driver’s vision, judgment and renders the driver utterly incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. If you have been charged with an OWI in Indiana, reach out to a top rated DUI defense lawyer at 317-721-9858 for assistance right now.

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How A DUI Impacts Your Record

Having a DUI on your driving record may result in the inability to secure future employment, housing, financing, losing a license, and other benefits. Therefore, it is crucial to seek ways of expunging DUI from driving records to protect your future and your image to the public. Driving records function under specific terms. Less serious driving wrongdoings are detached from a driver’s record after a particular period. In some countries, removing the offense from the driver’s records requires a formal request by an attorney.

A DUI, whether a misdemeanor or felony, ultimately requires an intervention of expunging driving records on file held by the court, police stations, correctional programs, and other criminal justice authorities. The records related to either arrest, detainment, legal proceeding, or disposition must be wiped off from unrestricted view to safeguard the driver’s image.

You May Be Eligible For DUI Expungement

One way to determine if a DUI is eligible for expungement is behavior during the probation period. An offender who has a positive attitude during the probation term gets an advantage of DUI removal from driving records. There are general requirements that one must satisfy to be eligible for expungement. One of the requirements is that there must be some form of probationary factor to the DUI conviction. If there was no probation, the offense was severe enough that the offender was sent to prison, and as such, the DUI may not be removed from the driving record.

Secondly, the offender must comply with the requirements of DUI probation without violating the terms. If the probation records indicate that you did not violate the terms, you can negotiate a DUI’s removal from your driving records. Lastly, the offender must not have a pending criminal case when they ask for the removal of DUI from driving records. An offender will be denied their request if the court understands that the removal of DUI is caused by fear from you or your attorney.

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To remove the DUI from driving records, follow these simple steps:

  • Hire an attorney. Get a skilled attorney specializing in DUI cases to assess all the facts about your case and decide if you are suitable for the expungement. A formal request can be presented to the court to fix any criminal record related to your DUI offense. If you are on a first-time DUI conviction, the attorney will negotiate lifting your license suspension and controlled insurance rates.
  • Get information from your attorney regarding how much time must pass before you request DUI removal from your driving records.
    Understand the conditions under which the DUI removal is qualified. The attorney may negotiate the termination of the DUI sentence if you are still on probation. If the sentence is not complete, the removal of the DUI may be difficult.
  • File a case in court to remove the DUI from driving records.
    If the motion filed is approved, request a copy of your criminal and driving record for your future perusal, but also to make sure that your DUI conviction has been removed.
  • Whenever you apply for employment, college, financing, housing, scholarships, and even employment, a background check is done to determine your worthiness. A person with a DUI conviction suffers a setback when seeking financial support in those areas.
  • However, some scholarships are available to persons who have had DUI convictions to rekindle their career choices. You should review the program requirements before you request financial aid.

Having A DUI Removed Gives You Freedom

Having a DUI removed from driving records gives you freedom to enjoy your life after the conviction as well as clearing your name from the legal records. When it comes time to remove a DUI from your driving record, call an Indiana DUI expungement attorney at 317-721-9858 or email info@jksanchezlaw.com for assistance with removing a DUI conviction from your criminal record today.