When someone is accused of a crime, there are several moving parts of the criminal justice system. The criminal justice process has a number of steps that begin with an investigation and end with the ultimate termination of the offender’s relationship with criminal supervision. An integral part of the criminal justice system is the criminal prosecutor.

The Criminal Justice System

Unfortunately, people make mistakes. What makes our criminal justice system work well is that ideally a system with various checks and balances that are in place to catch mistakes when they happen. In the United States criminal justice system there are several moving parts:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Courts
  • Corrections Systems

As a criminal attorney, we work as part of the court system and regularly interact with the criminal prosecutor to ensure that justice is served.

The Criminal Prosecutor

The prosecutor represents the government in all matters related to the adjudication of criminal offenses. To be honest, the prosecutor helps in decision making throughout the entire process at both the federal and state levels. Criminal prosecutors or District Attorneys (DA) have complete authority and control over the prosecution policies and practices in their jurisdictions. They are constrained by the outlines of:

  • Criminal Justice Statutes,
  • Case Law
  • Court Procedures

Prosecutors have the authority to offer plea bargains, oversee investigations and also the ability to determine if the government has enough evidence to bring a case to trial. What’s most important is that the prosecutors have a responsibility to think. That responsibility includes catching mistakes.

We Keep the Criminal Prosecutor Honest

As your defense attorney, we make sure that the criminal prosecutor does their job, and that is to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors are also very savvy, and you should never speak to a prosecutor alone. Call us at 317-721-9858 for help with defending you throughout the criminal defense process to make certain that your rights are protected. We are here and ready to fight for you.