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Immigration / 12.01.2023

Will Indianapolis Police Deport You?

You Are Not Likely to Be Deported By Indianapolis Police

The state of Indiana has laws that require local law enforcement agencies to report to and cooperate with federal immigration authorities with only a few exceptions. However, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) does not follow this policy. 

However, other law enforcement agencies operating in the area may deport you if you are undocumented, particularly if you are pulled over or have committed a crime. It is necessary to have a criminal attorney skilled in immigration defense to prevent deportation in these cases. Contact us today if you are under threat of deportation, or keep reading to learn more about IMPD policy.

Is Indianapolis Police Required to Report Undocumented Workers?

Indianapolis operates as a sanctuary city even though the state of Indiana has banned sanctuary cities in the state. Indiana law requires local law enforcement to report to and cooperate with federal immigration authorities. There are exceptions.

If you are contacting law enforcement to report a crime, either as a victim or as a witness, you will not be deported in Indiana. This is unlike other states in which there are no exceptions.

Will Indianapolis Police Deport You If You Are Pulled Over?

WishTV reported that the chief of Indianapolis police stated that immigration status is of no concern to officers pulling over drivers. In addition, the chief stated that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department does not have a relationship with ICE and does not report to them. 

Essentially, if you are pulled over or contact police to report a crime, you are not likely to be deported by Indianapolis police. However, other law enforcement agencies may not be so lenient if they become involved in the case.

Indianapolis and Other Sanctuary Cities Under Fire

The policy of IMPD not to check immigration status may be changed by force in the near future. NWI Times recently reported that the Indiana senate has voted on a bill that would allow the state’s Attorney General to file lawsuits against sanctuary cities in violation of Indiana law. This would include Indianapolis.

Whether the policy of the Indianapolis police will change once this legislation is passed and goes into effect remains unknown. However, at this time, Indianapolis police will not deport you in most cases.

Have You Been Threatened with Deportation in Indianapolis?

If you have been threatened with deportation by any law enforcement agency operating in Indianapolis, our attorneys are here to help. We have years of experience handling immigration defense cases, as well as criminal cases. 
Contact us today for more information, or to schedule a free consultation. We will review your case and let you know how we can help.

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