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What is an Expungement in Vigo County, IN?

Expungement is the court process by which a criminal record is destroyed or sealed. Expungement proceedings almost always take place at the state level. As of now, there is no federal law governing expungements.

What is the Expungement Process in Vigo County?

In Indiana, the expungement process is fairly straightforward. The process of getting your Indiana criminal record expunged is the following :

  • Initiate the process by filing a petition establishing expungement
  • Provide the prosecuting attorney with a copy of the petition and supporting documents
  • If your crime involved a victim, the prosecutor will give this person notice of your petition for expungement
  • The victim has the opportunity to respond to your petition for expungement
  • The judge will consider the victims statement if any, and any bearing it may have on your expungement


Who is Eligible for a Criminal Record Expungement in Vigo County?

While the Indiana expungement law contains certain exceptions, in general, these rules regarding expungements in Indiana are applicable:

  • Expungement of Dismissed cases – can be expunged in 1 year
  • Expungement of Misdemeanor convictions – can be expunged in 5 years
  • Expungement of Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing convictions – can be expunged in 5 years
  • Expungement of Level 6 or D felony convictions – can be expunged in 8 years
  • Expungement of Major felony convictions – can be expunged in 8 years

The type of crimes that are generally not eligible for expungement in Indiana are the following:

  • Rape
  • Child pornography
  • Crimes involving weapons charges

Benefits of Expungement

Getting your criminal record expunged in Indiana has a number of benefits. Some of the benefits of getting an expungement in Terre Haute include restoring your right to carry a firearm, the ability to hold certain professional licenses, increased employment opportunities, increased housing and college scholarship opportunities.

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