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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Indianapolis

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An Indiana Drug Defense Attorney

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Indiana Operating While Intoxicated

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Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Defending Sex Crimes in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis, Indiana Expungement Lawyer

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Probation Violations

Indianapolis, Indiana probation violation attorney

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A Trial Lawyer

At Wabash College, I majored in philosophy and political science, graduating with distinction and high honors in those areas. In law school, my focus was on labor and employment law.

I didn’t focus on criminal law specifically until after law school. Then I fell in love with it. I have been practicing law since May of 2007, in both criminal defense and civil litigation. In the criminal realm, I have represented clients at all phases of the criminal defense process in Indiana.

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15 years

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- Keisha Patterson

Jesse and his team were very prompt. The communication was excellent with the defendant and myself. He was very confident and persistent when it came to defending the defendant. I would recommend Jesse to my family and friends without a doubt


- B.C. Kaiser

If I had one wish , it would be for the funds to secure this attorney to defend me . He is passionate , believes in what’s right , and works with vigor . Best wishes to you , Mr Sanchez !


- Chastity Albarado

Very good law firm! They stay in contact with you about your case and get back in contact with you in a timely manner when you reach out to them.I definitely recommend and will use again if needed.


- Matthew Burden

To have somebody on your side when you’re going through a bad time and to have that help is amazing. Great staff professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend!


- Caitlin Crafton

Victoria was a great attorney she kept me updated with everything in my case was pretty straight forward with everything and gave me the best options available I got my car back and no charges pressed against me I’d recommend Jesse he’ll send you to the best person available even if he can’t help you his self


- Virginia Watkins

Jesse, Victoria and Emily are an excellent team, they kept me posted every day of the actions taken to release my son from jail taken Saturday morning and release Wednesday morning, I know they did everything in the their power but sometimes you just have to wait for that damn judge to sign that fair release of warrant. Very thankful i contacted Jesse and crew, I would recommend this lawyer to anyone and everyone.


- Sophie Schultz

Mr. Sanchez was a great attorney for my case as well as many others. He is very sure to give reason along with every option you can choose to take. Working with him allowed me to have a deeper and greater understanding of my case along with laws and all scenarios that could happen. Lastly, he was very very understanding of my positions and allowed me to make the decisions based on how I felt while always having my back!