This is the Indiana law regarding conditional discharge for possession of marijuana, hashish, salvia or synthetic or lookalike drug. If you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, you need to speak to an Indiana drug crime defense attorney now. Call us at 317-721-9858 for help today!

Indiana Code Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure § 35-48-4-12

Sec. 12 . If a person who has no prior conviction of an offense under this article or under a law of another jurisdiction relating to controlled substances pleads guilty to possession of marijuana, hashish, salvia, or a synthetic drug or a synthetic drug lookalike substance as a misdemeanor, the court, without entering a judgment of conviction and with the consent of the person, may defer further proceedings and place the person in the custody of the court under conditions determined by the court.  Upon violation of a condition of the custody, the court may enter a judgment of conviction.  However, if the person fulfills the conditions of the custody, the court shall dismiss the charges against the person.  There may be only one (1) dismissal under this section with respect to a person.