Indianapolis Drug Crime Defense AttorneyIn the attempt to continue waging an active drug war, the government has several legal remedies available to help prosecute any individuals that are believed to be involved in illegal drug activities. One of the most often used tools of the government is the “Maintaining a Common Nuisance” charge. If you have been charged with maintaining a common nuisance in relation to a drug crime, you need the assistance of an Indiana drug crimes attorney. Call our office at 317-721-9858 or email our office at

Maintaining a Common Nuisance

What is a Common Nuisance?

According to Indiana law, a place of common nuisance is any private property where any type of illegal activity is taking place. Private property areas include the following:

  • House
  • Boat
  • Vehicle
  • Apartment
  • Hotel room
  • Motel room
  • Airbnb
  • Clubhouse
  • Garage

The most frequent crimes that occur in a place of common nuisance include the consumption and selling of illegal controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia. Illegal substances include any of the drugs that fall on the schedule of the DEA controlled substance. Controlled substances are not required to be sold at the location. Controlled substances can just be stored in the space, and the property holder can be charged with a Class D or Level 6 Felony.

Indiana Law Regarding Maintaining a Common Nuisance

Sec. 13. (a) A person who knowingly or intentionally visits a building, structure, vehicle, or other place that is used by any person to unlawfully use a controlled substance commits to visiting a common nuisance, a Class B misdemeanor.
(b) A person who knowingly or intentionally maintains a building, structure, vehicle, or other places that are used one (1) or more times:
(1) by persons to unlawfully use controlled substances; or
(2) for unlawfully:
(A) manufacturing;
(B) keeping;
(C) offering for sale;
(D) selling;
(E) delivering; or
(F) financing the delivery of; controlled substances, or items of drug paraphernalia as described in IC 35-48-4-8.5; commits maintaining a common nuisance, a Class D felony.

maintain a common nusiance

Defenses to Maintaining a Common Nuisance Charge

There are certain defenses to maintaining a common nuisance charge in Indiana. Though not all-inclusive, one of the primary defenses to maintaining a common nuisance charge would be if:

(1) the location was not primarily used for specified unlawful acts;
(2) the charged offense involves less than a specified quantity of marijuana, hashish, hash oil, or salvia or involves paraphernalia; and
(3) the person does not have a prior unrelated conviction for maintaining a common nuisance.

There are other defenses that could be used to fight this particular crime related to drug charges, which is why we suggest reaching out to Indiana drug crime defense attorney, Jesse K. Sanchez for assistance in fighting this particular charge.

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