You look in your rear view mirror and you see the dreaded red and blue lights. Normally, it’s not something that would give you too much stress, but this situation is slightly different. This time you are driving with a suspended license. Never fear, just call Indianapolis defense attorney, Jesse K. Sanchez at 317-721-9858 or email!

Getting Pulled Over with a Suspended License

If you have been accused of driving while license suspended then you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer that has experience in helping clients with working with clients that have been accused of driving while suspended. Driving while your license is suspended in Indiana is a serious offense, and getting pulled over with a suspended license should never be taken lightly. Give Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Jesse K. Sanchez a call at 317-721-9858 today.

What is Driving While Suspended?

The driver’s licenses of Indiana residents may be suspended or revoked for:

  • Driving without insurance
  • Delinquency on child support
  • Accumulating points on your license
  • Unpaid traffic tickets

How Much is a Driving While Suspended Ticket in Indiana?

In the State of Indiana if you are caught driving while suspended, you will face immediate arrest for operating a vehicle while suspended. On top of the arrest, you will have to pay court costs and a fine which may vary based on the Superior Court of that particular county. The only way to find out the cost of your ticket for driving while suspended is to:

  • Go to the traffic court website
  • Call the court,
  • Go to the court.


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Caught Driving Without a Valid License?

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What Happens if You Drive with a Suspended License?

If you are driving with a suspended license, you probably are wondering what happens if you are caught driving with a suspended license. In one word. Arrest. Driving while suspended is a very serious offense. If your license is suspended and you need to get to a place like work, shopping or church, you should explore getting Specialized Driving Privileges.

What is the Penalty for Driving with a Suspended License?

Being convicted as a first-timer for driving while suspended will bring about no less than a 90 day license suspension and can cause severe consequences for any future convictions for driving while suspended. A person who operates a motor vehicle on a public street or highway, while the person’s driving privileges are suspended or revoked, will have committed a Class A infraction. Having said that, a second offense of driving while suspended, within 10 years of a prior judgment for driving while suspended, is a crime and will be charged as a Class A misdemeanor. If you are to receive a Class A misdemeanor conviction for driving while suspended, you can expect a possible penalty of up to one year in jail as well as a license suspension of 90 days to 2 years.

How Do I Know If My Drivers License is Suspended?

A driver record has a history of every type of interaction that resulted in some sort of action that you’ve acquired on your driving records, such as:

  • Points
  • Tickets
  • Suspensions

If you are unsure if your license is suspended or not, go to the Indiana BMV website and you can view your driving record for free.

Can You Drive With a Suspended License in Another State?

Driving with a suspended license in another state is not advised. Not only is driving without a license in Indiana illegal and carries stiff fines and penalties including jail, you would be subject to whatever laws that particular state has regarding driving with a suspended license. The fines and penalties for driving with a suspended license in another state could be far more stiff than in Indiana. If you need to drive for reasons such as going to work, school or transporting your children, you definitely need to apply for a hardship drivers license also known as specialized driving privileges.

How Do I Reinstate My Suspended License in Indiana

You can reinstate your suspended license in Indiana in five easy steps. You begin the process by calling the Indiana BMV at 888-692-6841. Here is the process:

Get Current Outstanding Reinstatement Requirements

The Reinstatement Requirements section on your Driver Record shows the earliest date your driving privileges can be reinstated. If your reinstatement eligibility date shows “Indefinite,” then you should review the Suspensions Information section. You may have a court-ordered or administrative suspension with outstanding requirements.

Close Out Any Unsatisfied Judgements

If you or your client has recently filed for bankruptcy and the filing includes an unsatisfied judgment that resulted in a driver’s license suspension, download the Bankruptcy – Judgement Checklist.

Provide Proof of Financial Responsibility

Your insurance provider must electronically submit proof of financial responsibility (insurance) directly to the BMV. Your Online Driving Record (ODR) will indicate the insurance reinstatement requirement. Only your insurance provider can submit insurance for you. The BMV does not accept insurance policy documents from drivers. While you may have to show proof of insurance to a police officer related to an accident, Indiana law requires drivers involved in certain incidents to provide proof of financial responsibility to the BMV when requested. Showing a police officer your insurance cards will not satisfy the BMV’s requirement.

Pay Reinstatement Fees in Full

All insurance reinstatement fees must be paid in full. The exact dollar amount is listed in your Reinstatement Requirements section of your ODR, along with your reinstatement fee access code. You can pay your reinstatement fees by:

  • Logging into your myBMV account,
  • Calling 888-692-6841 using the access code found on your notice,
  • Via mail using the reinstatement coupon in the Reinstatement notice, or
  • Visiting one of our self-service BMV Connect kiosks.

Check Your ODR Status

Unless your driver’s license is expired, revoked, or invalidated, your driving privileges will be reinstated after all requirements listed on your ODR have been satisfied. You may monitor your license status by periodically reviewing your ODR in your myBMV account free of charge. If your driver’s license was taken by law enforcement as a part of your suspension, then you will need to visit a BMV branch or order a replacement driver’s license by logging into your myBMV account.

Driving With a Suspended License is a Bad Decision

Driving with a suspended license is against the law and carries several penalties that could interrupt your life and add additional unnecessary hardships. If you have a suspended drivers license, driving with that suspended license is a bad decision. You can get Specialized Driving Privileges. Contact Indiana criminal defense lawyer Jesse K. Sanchez a call today at 317-721-9858 today.

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