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What is Criminal Homicide?

Criminal homicide is when the unlawful killing of another. A person commits criminal homicide if he intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence causes the death of another person. It is usually divided into categories based on the intent of the person. Some of the categories of criminal homicide include:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Criminally negligent homicide

The primary driver of criminal homicide is about intention. The more intentional the behavior, the higher the level of criminal charge and legal punishment.

What is the Punishment for a Criminal Homicide?

A criminal homicide is seen as a first degree murder in the eyes of the law when the act is willfully or deliberately committed. Upon conviction, an individual shall be sentenced to death by lethal injection or to a term of life imprisonment. Indiana is a state that does have the death penalty, which means that criminal homicide is a capital crime and prosecutors often seek the death penalty in such cases.

The Degrees of Criminal Homicide Require the Services of a Criminal Attorney.

Criminal homicide has many different degrees, all of which require the services of a Marion County criminal defense attorney. Contact our office for a free consultation today.