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At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez we are a full-service criminal defense law firm that can protect and defend the rights of individuals who are facing State and Federal charges and need a Broad Ripple Criminal Defense Lawyer to help defend your rights. If you’ve been arrested in Broad Ripple, call 317-721-9858 or email

The Types of Criminal Charges We Help Defend

People are arrested for crimes every day in Broad Ripple, which is why we are here. If you are arrested, you should make it a point to retain an experienced Broad Ripple criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our clients come to us with a variety of criminal charges. Whether you have been charged with a sex offense, marijuana possession, or need Specialized Driving Privileges, we are here for you. Some of the crimes we help defend against are as follows:

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A Broad Ripple Criminal Defense Law Firm

An experienced criminal attorney in Broad Ripple can help defend your rights and guide you throughout every stage of the criminal proceedings. You need a top rated Broad Ripple defense lawyer that will aggressively and obsessively fight to protect your rights and best interests. Regardless of the severity of the charges against you, we have the experience in Broad Ripple required to fight for your rights. Make the phone call, time is of the essence. Finding us is as easy as searching “Broad Ripple attorney near me“!

The Best Broad Ripple Criminal Defense Lawyer for YOUR Case

When you have been charged with a crime, there will be several deadlines that must be met, and you want to have the best criminal defense attorney for your case. Make it a point to call the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez, Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible at 317-721-9858 for assistance with resolving your criminal charges today.

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About Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is located about six miles north of Downtown Indianapolis. The Village of Broad Ripple was established in 1837 as an independent municipality and annexed by the city of Indianapolis in 1922. The name of the area originated with the title of a poem titled “Broad Ripple” by Hoosier Poet James Whitcomb Riley.

Broad Ripple has a reputation for being socially, economically, and ethnically diverse. Broad Ripple is also known widely for its youth culture, there are a number of Broad Ripple bars that are open until 3 A.M., there is a wide variety of restaurants, specialty shops, the Monon Trail and the massive Broad Ripple Farmers Market.