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Beech Grove Man Sentenced for Child Exploitation

GREENWOOD, IN. — A 30-year-old Beech Grove man has been sentenced for felony child exploitation.

Johnson County, Indiana prosecutors said Greenwood Police received a cyber tip in September of 2018 from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The tip to law enforcement said that there was possible child pornography sent via the web from a Greenwood, Indiana computer IP address.

Greenwood Police Obtained a Search Warrant

Quickly after receiving the tip, the City of Greenwood Police then obtained a search warrant for a laptop computer belonging to a gentleman named Ewing Burnette. Upon inspection, Johnson County law enforcement officers discovered pornographic images and videos with children believed to be as young as four years of age, according to officials.

While there wasn’t a child seated in the chair next to me, the children in those images and videos are real people, real victims. They weren’t given the choice whether they wanted to engage in that kind of activity or whether to have the images of them doing so shared with the world. Each time images like that are shared and re-shared these children are re-victimized. I will always fight to protect children and bring justice to those who seek to abuse them, or are even complicit in their abuse, for their own perverted personal reasons. – Johnson County Prosecutor Joe Villanueva.

The defendant told police that he downloaded and forwarded pornographic materials of children, and directed them to where they were on his computer.

Mr. Burnette was sentenced Tuesday in Johnson Superior Court to a four-year sentence, executed, meaning that he will serve two years in prison, followed by two years to be served on home detention/GPS monitoring. After that is completed, he will then be required two additional years of probation with specialized sex offender provisions.

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